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About Structured Data

Structured data, also known as schema markup, is microdata that describes information on web pages, which can help search engines understand your page better. Search engines like Google will sometimes display a Rich Snippet (more info below) for certain schemas.

Our schema markup generator helps you create meaningful, bug-free, JSON-LD encoded markup that you can easily copy and paste onto your web page.

What are Rich Results?

A Rich Result (formerly known as “Rich Snippets”) is a Google search result highlighting key information about a specific web page. Some common types of Rich Results include breadcrumbs, ratings, recipes and events. Google reads the schema markup on the web page to determine what the page is about and whether to show a Rich Result in the search result of the web page.

Why are Rich Results important?

First of all, Rich Results catch the user’s eye as they go through search results. These snippets could increase your CTR, especially if you’re web page is not in the first position. For example, if you search for a cake recipe, you’re more likely to click on the link that shows a 5-star rating with 100 reviews than a regular link with no rich information.

There is so much you can do with schema markup, and the possibilities and opportunities are constantly growing.

To generate JSON-LD schema markup, select the type of content of your web page above, which will take you to a page to generate markup for that specific content.


Rich Result of type Product
Rich Results of type Recipe
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